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Conditions That May be Helped with Osteopathy & Acupuncture

For the sake of simplicity the below is a list of those conditions that the UK Advertising Standards Agency feel that there is sufficient positive research to support with osteopathy. Certainly if you have another condition that you've not had any help with conventional medicine &/or other approaches, then it's certainly worth asking. 

The human being is the most complex thing in the known universe, so what works from one person doesn't necessarily work for another, also the same symptom (i.e. low back pain) in one person may be caused by something else in another. So you can see that the correct diagnosis is critical and osteopaths examine, diagnose and treat people with musculo-skeletal problems all day most working days. Strictly speaking osteopathy and acupuncture are based on principles, rather than merely targeting the symptoms such as pain killing medication, so reality is that everyone is listened to, examined and assessed on a case to case basis. 

The generally accepted list of conditions for acupuncture is different, with the best evidence being for short term relief of;

So it appears that the acupuncture provides a window of opportunity, that we can capitalise on by treating immediately after the needles with the osteopathy. Utilising the benefits of the two approaches together to me is a 'no brainer', why wouldn't you? But that's just my opinion.

Italicised words have been added for clarity.